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  • Industry leading targeting service upgrades

    The star sits, factory direct reward difference, the home industry taking advantage of the heat still lingers tempt the appetite of consumers.

    To attract consumers, home businesses inevitable recount, but from the beginning of the "Best Buy" shut up shop event began, and the deserted door "," closing the shop, "staged in major cities and gradually become the focus of media attention. Derived therefrom home industry is already in the dual pressures of global recession and economic decline is difficult to get out of development dilemma pessimistic tone.

    However, the industry''s leading enterprises sniff out the immediate opportunity of home industry. "Twelve Five" there are sets of 3600, submitted to the various types of security room during home businesses in the real estate downstream secondary opportunities and new growth point.

    In addition, escalating regulatory policies but the general industry trend is still to the good background to seize market share, which is the problem of each household enterprises are thinking.

    A huge domestic market potential

    With the continuous improvement of the level of urbanization in China, the development of urban agglomerations gradually mature, demand for second-and third-tier cities gradually released to the domestic industry has laid a broad space for development. Living quality of people''s needs will continue to upgrade, plus national and local have been put forward to the construction of affordable housing, low carbon environmental protection, housing industry, finished residential encourage policy, such as the May the Yangzhou introduction of housing subsidies policy that for fine decoration The subsidies given 0.4% -0.6%, fine decoration intelligent will become a home industry trends. In addition, since June this year, the real estate market will pick up, as well as home industry is undoubtedly release a positive signal, many home improvement professionals are able to look forward to pick up the property market boom in the home improvement industry.

    Reporter access to the relevant information, in 2011, the home hundred companies own channel revenue accounted for 26%, exceeded 20% for the first time in nearly four years, the the traditional channels dealer income share fell to 62%. Visible, expand cooperation in fine decoration, store, museum experience, e-commerce and emerging channels, an important measure of domestic enterprises to enhance their influence among consumers.

    Meikailong Easyhome large home stores have been offering "one-stop home improvement shopping services to meet consumer demand for one-stop decoration consumption, it is through the establishment of home improvement stores in the service center for home business customers directly to provide decoration services based on store brands, enhance store sales channels to explore new profit growth point for the enterprises to increase consumer appeal.

    From home industry maturity, after decades of continuous development, has formed a complete industrial chain. They have the perfect independence, self-regulating capacity and industry to gradually reduce the dependence on the upper reaches of the real estate industry. Year "51", for example, due to the re-release of the purchasing power of consumers, combined with enterprises to adopt a number of preferential promotion measures, many of the sales of building materials and furniture enterprises are on the rise, and some 30% to 40% . Market to pick up, and basically wiped out since the beginning of the industry is relatively pessimistic atmosphere.

    Point of view, as published in the first half of this year the Meikailong Beijing and Shanghai, Southwest Region general manager Wang Wei: I found a lot of building materials enterprises, they are doing one thing is sinking channels. This shows that this demand in a lot of prefecture-level cities in China and even developed county-level cities, cities expand, in improving the quality of life of urban residents, residents live a better life, this is our market opportunities.