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    Throughout the past few years the sanitary ware market, you can feel very powerful the bathroom brand building momentum, celebrity endorsements, landing CCTV overseas listed joint participation, cross-border cooperation. Was feeling, the next few years may enter the oligarch era, a number of advanced brand occupy a larger market share and become the king of the industry deserved.

    "Dream, but the reality is very cruel" words can describe the very image of the sanitary industry is now, you want to become a leader enterprise to achieve considerable difficulty. At present, the large number of brands of sanitary ware industry, is still less than 10% of the market share of a single first-line brand, facing integration shuffling may continue to increase in the market crisis to further increase the cost pressures enterprises are facing the challenges of survival under the premise of the sanitary industry. How to create the development of new road? Xiaobian think, industry, enterprise integration, is an attempt to achieve predictable.

    Integration can be understood as the integration of the product, the product chain and stronger products enhanced integrated core. Bathroom products, including smart toilet, intelligent toilet seat, shower room, bathtub, faucets and other products to integrate these elements to complete product support, and at the same time in research and innovation, market development, product promotion, quality services, jointly The brand is responsible for the brand. Through these measures, to build a strong international brand.

    Followed by the integration of industrial chain, product integration object contains elements of the bathroom space, industrial chain covering operating multiple involving upstream and downstream industries, the number of links. This is the work of the products put on the market after industry chain integration work is done, and will enhance the overall competitiveness of the sanitary ware business, provide a solid guarantee for the enhancement of the brand power. The integration of a wide range of all the related industries and the bathroom are among the areas, such as categories, hardware, etc.. Product quality in the upstream and downstream industry chain will directly affect the quality of sanitary products, thus affecting sales, brand. Upstream and downstream industries, such as trapping the market predicament, which would impede the bathroom business development process.

    Finally, technology integration, design resources, industrial design, before and after the production design. These are the technical integration of object. Before the design of the product, including raw materials, styles, textures, and other R & D design; After the design space, show, parts, accessories, and even the system of promotion, brand building and channel promotion. This market sales, the healthy development of enterprises decisive force.

    Sanitary ware business after a series of integrated measures, and then each link strictly, I believe can become a powerful driving force for the development of enterprises.