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  • Bathroom furniture popular five increasingly unsto

    After thoroughly bathroom market bathroom furniture is very popular with consumers. Style more and have a unique charm and fully functional. Take a look at the trends of 2012 bathroom furniture.

    Trends: minimalism continued favored

    Many designers to implement the concept: everything becomes simple, simple is equivalent. The minimalist trend precisely to meet the many young people''s psychological, so direct simplest sanitary equipment. Washbasin is no longer simply the pursuit of luxury marble countertops; toilet longer bulky and expensive; more and more rational consumers would not consider their own toilet area, away to install the flamboyant big bathtub or shower .

    Two trends: the furniture bathroom products are gaining ground

    A long time, ware monotonous and lacking in novelty shapes. Manufacturers are also aware of the problem, began to design and development of novel sanitary ware products, many new products is beginning to come to market, multi-functional washbasins, beautiful and practical bathroom cabinet and style more in line with the aesthetic of the toilet, but also increasingly become the consumer sought after hot spots.

    Three trends: an endless stream of new materials

    Ceramic products are no longer dominate the bathroom world, stone, glass, wood and other materials are ceramics alternative products. Thus, ceramic glazed tiles will gradually replace the traditional clay brick, the color of the ever-changing; the wooden bathtub Petty heart; popular glass mosaic in the bathroom, the advent of these new materials will better reflect the design heritage.

    Trends: intelligent bathroom products gaining popularity

    The technology is advancing, and sanitary products are constantly integration of a growing number of scientific and technological content. Smart thermostat bath, intelligent pumping toilet on stage, no doubt bring consumers more comfortable bathroom feel.

    Trends: a focus on health and environmental protection

    Health and water conservation is the theme of the sanitary revolution over the years. In the building materials market, we are often able to see the major bathroom brands play slogan. From the bathtub to the toilet, urinal, various antibacterial antifouling and able to water conservation site and place during technological change. I believe this product to better meet the majority of consumer psychology, both anti-bacterial, water-saving bathroom products of the two functions will be more outstanding. Of faucet terms, the stainless steel will gradually replace copper, and mainly consider environmental protection and health.

    Face every day to deal with them in the bathroom, everyone wants to have a comfortable bathroom furniture, and now the the sanitary revolution is ongoing, we look forward to comfortable, it is good news.