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  • The bathroom wallpaper careful select fake foreign

    After listening to Mr. Lee about the same as a consumer you are not recalled the encounter of their own household consumption, pick up the phone, say your experience, so that more consumers to prepare to avoid consumer traps.

    Foreign brand is best? Uncover shady wallpaper

    "Wallpaper is paper made it? What hanging a foreign brand, per square meter prone to be sold for hundreds of thousand dollars?" The consumer trap in the collection, we hear the doubts.

    Go to the store around blabbering salesperson to introduce products are imported goods. Product packaging to the instructions for almost all foreign languages, lay consumers look to be blinded. In fact, many of these wallpapers are fake foreigners, mostly produced in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Jiangxi and other places, at best, some of the ingredients of the individual brands imported.

    But such publicity so that consumers get confused by what hundreds of thousands of foreign brands is not really fly? Let the members of the expert group of our Home Expo unveiled one by one.

    Barcode see through fake foreign brands the home expo wallpaper Expert Weapon

    Wuchuan Rong the orchids whole home marketing vice president, engaged in soft loading design for 17 years, with the home color trends to grasp the profound knowledge, innovative style and design.

    In fact, the shape of fake foreign brand First is to take a foreign name, allowing consumers to see was ocean flavor, such as "a certain family, Italy certain brand, then add a similar" since1906 " like annotation, compiled the inspirational story of a successful business. Slightly advanced outside to spend thousands of dollars to commission a professional registered company registered a shell company, to get a foreign birth certificate, registered foreign trademarks, and in the domestic production. To "face up against students", that you can not remember the name. Directly to dress up as a well-known foreign brand distributor in China, and is known as one branch stores alone this. "Skill" is walking a fine line, to take advantage of some special way to allow yourself to get the trademark of the number of years of well-known foreign brands in China, so that we can own production, OEM. Products as long as the look "foreign disk", the advertising model for a foreigner, to represent the ocean identity worthy of the name.

    Consumers can be made to the shop to see FCL original packaging, or see the entire roll of wallpaper without unpacking barcode. The bar code is the "identity" of the commodity, on behalf of the 12-digit product code and a checksum. 2 product code for the country code, such as (00-09) representative of France ,40-44 ,30-37 ,45-GERMANY 49 Japan, 69 ,80-83 as Italy, etc.. Moreover, imported wallpaper declarations, bills of lading, packing list and container invoice, four single-unite after verification, and then browse the Internet site of these brands, the mule is a horse on a glance. In addition to the bar code, the wallpaper on the packaging, should be accompanied by the Chinese instructions.