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  • Leisure sanitary ware market development Problems

    Product concepts popular today, "concept" does not only mean a product type is a design style show, a way of life advertised. Leisure sanitary "is such a product concept.

    The leisure sanitary "relatively broad concept, any claims to promote the concept of sanitary ware brand can give their own interpretation. Defined product line broad and rather vague way of life is represented by its not hard to imagine: "acupuncture points" massage parlors, "in the bathroom space integrated into the multimedia capabilities", "Sauna", "Spa" and so on. Generally speaking, any can promote people to enjoy the quality of life of bathroom products can be included under the category of "leisure sanitary.

    Product function, in terms of leisure sanitary ware can be emphasized physical health, pleasure of the senses, even break the bath level and emphasized the manipulation of information technology. If trends in bathroom products intelligent product design to expand the imagination, leisure sanitary clear lifestyle diversification.

    On the other hand, the proposal of the concept of "leisure sanitary refining market performance. Which not only the development of a new consumer demand, but also to compete with the traditional sanitary ware market. In today''s increasingly competitive market, leisure sanitary What new competitive point in the marketing process, what are the problems it?

    Functional demands of diversification, the ability to integrate a variety of needs

    Diverse functional demands of the most important feature of the concept of "leisure sanitary. Accelerate the pace of modern urban life, work pressure is a catalyst for the birth of the concept of urgent need to alleviate to some extent, therefore, leisure sanitary emphasize relieve stress, relax. Regardless of the "Sauna, Spa or Jacuzzi, its functional demands all around a pleasure in lifestyle.

    Bathing space was originally the most intimate places in people''s lives, and therefore inherently requires a deeper level of relaxation. The Bathing become a leisure lifestyle, in fact, a matter of course. The proposal of the concept of leisure sanitary ware, naturally cater to this demand. With the expansion of the product line as well as the deepening of the concept, leisure sanitary ware in to relax enjoy outside of the addition of a health care product claims. Because of the same reason, Wisemaker redefine leisure sanitary ware: enjoy more healthy!